Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance

Written By James Moore

Published by Booktango

124-126 pages, depending on the downloaded version that you get. This book is available through Kobo, Google Books, BooksaMillion, and Amazon Kindle. All links are provided below.

Released April 2016

I would not say that this is a Mystery Thriller given the tame, and civil tone of the book. I would, however, put this book squarely in the realm of  Mystery Novel.

Overall rating: 9 of 10

This is a first-person mystery novel told exclusively from Charlotte Harding’s point of view. The reader follows this tale in 1970’s Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Charlotte Harding, serving as the protagonist, is thrust into a series of trials that will change the course of her life forever.

The story starts out with Charlotte Harding and her husband Beau in their bathroom going through their normal routine; brushing their teeth and preparing for the day that will revolve around the party that will give their youngest son a fond farewell as he heads off for college. The author, James Moore, does an excellent job of first giving the reader a good picture of who Charlotte Harding is, the dynamics of her family, and her moral compass. It’s important to note this because this sets the tone for the rest of the story and goes a long way to explain why, and how Charlotte gets pulled into her predicament.

First, I should note that Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance, while a mystery novel, does  not fit into the context of a thriller. Secondly, modern mystery writers tend to include unneeded smut, or repetition in their body content that I loathe. Nothing drives me further up the wall than repeated lines of information no matter how important the author believes this information to be. Unfortunately, this tends to be the habit with novice mystery writers. It’s for this reason I avoid the mystery genre of new authors, and stick to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allen Poe.

With that said, sadly, this book sat on my shelf (so to speak) for several months before I opened it to read. In the end, I did finally crack it open, and I am glad I did. James Moore kept me intrigued with Charlotte Harding and her tribulations from the start. Her personality, and quick wit kept me entertained from her first line to her last. I will admit that as a modern woman, and a feminist, I did take issue with small parts of her dialogue, but her strength and resilience well made up for her flaws.

Usually, I’m skeptical when the part of the female protagonist is written by a man. These characters are usually weak willed, unreliable to the reader, and basically flawed from the core, but James Moore does not disappoint. In the end, Charlotte Harding’s flaws shrink away in the overshadow of her strengths.

In summary, Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance by James Moore is a great read, and is well worth the time. At 126 pages in length some readers may find this to be a short novel at first glance. However, with the lack of unnecessary filler and annoying repetition, the concept is sound. The reader is well entertained throughout the books entirety. If you’re looking for a next great read, I would highly recommend this book.

As far as I can tell, James Moore is already working on a sequel, and I cannot wait.

Buy this next great read here. You will not be disappointed.

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jamesmooreJames Moore is a husband, father, grandfather and oh yes, a writer.  Even though James is a newcomer to the literary world, he is working on several projects simultaneously.  His current work includes writing screenplays for animated shorts, story concepts for a video game and sequels to Charlotte: The Price of Vengeance, his debut book.

James types out his inspiration at a small dining room table in Virginia Beach, VA with the love and support of his wife Donna.  You can learn more about James and view samples of his work at the blog site ( and the Facebook page ( he has dedicated to quality storytelling.